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we are based in Derby we specialize in Quality reclaimed welsh roofing slates most sizes available from 10x8 to 20x10 we stock large amounts off reclaimed handmade and machinemade tiles also chimney pots and ridge tiles Delivery nationwide yard open by appointment only read more
Derby, Unit 6 Parcell Terrace Derby, Derbyshire

Reclaimed oak beams, York stone Flags, reclaimed roofing materials, reclaimed bricks, troughs, garden ornaments, saddlestones, gateposts & lots lots more! We can arrange delivery for a charge anywhere in the uk. We are open 7days a week 9am-6pm appointment only. VAT registered. read more
Congleton , Buxton Road, Cheshire

Stocking York Stone reclaimed oak antique & ornate ornaments troughs saddle stones . Roofing materials building materials fireplaces coping strobe &lots more! We can arrange delivery anywhere in the uk with a fee! We are in th heart o... read more
Congleton, Buxton Road , Cheshire

We are a reclaimed salvage, architetural, garden and outdoor specialist who have a large range of pots, outdoor furniture, planters, statues, water features and supplies. Our reclamation products include chimney pots, sleepers, bricks, roof tiles, sa... read more
Gateshead, Unit 1 Dukesway, Team Valley Trading Estate, Tyne And Wear

Reclaimed building material and supplier - also known as 16th century builders offering reclaimed roofing materials, reclaimed building materials, second hand building materials, reclaimed roofing tiles, reclaimed roofing slates, reclaimed paving sto... read more
Billingshurst, 16th Century Builders Yard, Rosier Commercial Centre, Coneyhurst Road, West Sussex

Supplying construction materials to sports turf industry which includes turf top dressings, sandy loam, ornamental bark, soil improver, roof soils, top soils, equestrian sands, drainage materials, large drainage pipes, railway sleepers, etc. read more
Gt. Missenden, 95 High Street, Buckinghamshire

specialist in reclaimed slates and tiles read more
Thonton Heath , 106 Bensham Lane , Surrey

Architectural salvage, large collection of new and old statues and concrete items, vintage tools, garden tables and chairs, vintage apple crates, and lots more. Also a large show room of antiques, retro furniture, collectibles and quality modern furn... read more
Wymondham, Ayton Road , Norfolk

if you have timber you think can be used again then bring it to us, save,s you going to the tip and beeing charged for it. You can phone me and i will come out to have a look, if i can use it i will take it away for free read more
Bulwell, Linby Street, Nottinghamshire

Brick tiles nationwide (also known as brick slips), are one the countries growing trends as people and businesses aim to bring their outside wall inside. We have the tools and the knowledge in the field of brick cladding and we can ensure that our wo... read more
Wigan, Hewitt Business Park, Orrell, Lancashire

Large qty of Quality Reclaimed Bricks in stock - handmades, machine mades, wire cut etc. etc. Brick matching service. Nationwide Delivery read more
Nottingham, St Albans Works, 181 Hartley Road, Nottinghamshire

stone troughs. logs and coal, bricabrac, lots more. brousers welcome. read more
Macclesfield, Windmill St, Cheshire

Direct Reclaims is based in Derby, we are buyers and suppliers of reclaimed materials. Our materials are mostly bricks, roofing tiles, slates, granite sets, chimney pots and flag stone paving. We are recycling contractors and source a lot of materials from our own jobs. read more

Reclaimed Timber Company Hi we are the reclaimed Timber Company We Pride ourselves on RECYCLING 100% Of The Used Timber We Handle. We sell all sorts of timber soft woods to hard woods.(all our timber is cleaned out of nails and screws) We... read more
Ellsmereport, 51 Merseyton Road, Cheshire

We sell a range of items including reclaimed doors and door furniture, fire places & companion sets. Chimney pots. Sandstone Yorkshire stone Lakeland slate New and Reclaimed Garden furniture and ornaments Plus much more read more
Barrow In Furness, St George's Square, Cumbria

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Have you been made to believe that your home remodeling project or furnishing your home is always expensive? It need not be expensive at all; you will be able to find pretty things for your home and for your remodeling project within your budget. All that you need are little creativity and the address to the closest reclamation yards. You can surprise yourself with the kinds of things you can find at the reclamation yards, UK. If you are lucky, you will be able to get amazing things in these salvage yards just waiting to be reclaimed and put to good use.

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Making The Best Use Of Reclamation Yards - Do’s and Don’ts
Though all of us would have heard of reclamation yards not everyone would have experience shopping at reclamation yards. If you have no experience using reclamation yards then here are some useful tips on how you can make the best use of reclamation yard and do’s and don’ts that go with shopping at reclamation yards.

Acquire The Addresses Of All The Closest Reclamation Yards
When you plan to visit reclamation yards, first try to collect the addresses of all the local reclamation yards. Depending on where you live you can find one or more reclamation yard in your area. Make a list arranged in terms of distance from your house so that you can start with the closest reclamation yard and move further if you do not find what you are looking for at the closest reclamation yard. Finding the addresses of your local reclamation yards will not be a complicated task as it used to be anymore because is one of the most comprehensive databases of all the top reclamation yards in the UK. We make it easy for you to find the best local reclamation yards in your neighbourhood.

Do Not Plan Your Trip To Reclamation Yards When You Have Limited Time
Today everyone is leading a very busy life and we try to juggle effectively between work and home. So finding time for personal things can be little bit challenging. However, if you ever plan to visit your local reclamation yard make sure that you schedule your trip when you have plenty of time. Visiting your reclamation yard when you have very little time will not be that productive. Set aside a whole morning or the whole afternoon so that you can make a leisurely visit to your local reclamation yard. Whether you believe it or not, it is the experience of many that visiting a reclamation yard helps people relax.

Visit Reclamation Yards With An Open Mind
This is very important as to visiting reclamation yards. Unlike shopping in other regular stores where you know exactly what you need, you visit the store, pick what you need and hit back the road, shopping experience at reclamation yards is going to be lot different. You will not know what kind of things you will find at the reclamation yard that you have planned to visit until you have visited the yard. At times visiting reclamation yards with very specific needs can lead to disappointments. On the other hand when you visit the reclamation yards with an open mind, you can make use of the things that you find there to meet your needs. May be you would need to be little creative with the things that you find in the reclamation yards.
With a little bit of luck on your side, you will be able to find amazing treasures in these reclamation yards. There are people that complete their entire bathroom remodelling project or their kitchen remodelling project with items that they pick from reclamation yards. When you are able to make use of the things that you find at reclamation yards to have your needs met, there will be a great sense of satisfaction along with enormous savings.

Pick Things Only When You Are Sure
When you are shopping at reclamation yards, just because you find things very cheap do not start picking things without any discretion. This can lead to a lot of problems. When you pick something make sure that it will meet your needs and it is of the right size. All the things that you pick at reclamation yards do not come with any warranty, replacement or exchange. If you pick something that is oversized for your need or undersized, then you will have to either to with it or resell it to the reclamation yard. When you resell it to the reclamation yard, you should be prepared to sell it at a lesser price. To avoid such losses pick things only when you are 100% sure.

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